NEW Minimalist Mushroom Farm!


e are excited to announce that we have taken feedback over the last few weeks regarding Grow at Home mushroom kits and have found a win-win-win solution for some of the common pitfalls you’ve had! Introducing our NEW Minimalist Mushroom Farm!

Minimalist Mushroom Farms


Your How-to Grow Guide…. Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email The idea of growing your own mushrooms can seem mysterious and complicated. Don’t be intimidated. Once you know the basics of growing your own edible mushrooms is just like growing any other fruit or vegetable. Oyster mushrooms are the easiest variety for […]

Gardening with Mushrooms!

Cardboard and straw mushroom bed

Gardening with Mushrooms Don’t throw that Minimalist Mushroom Farm away! Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email Whether you’ve already grown out your Minimalist Mushroom Farm in multiple flushes, or have just purchased one and are planning ahead, we are excited to have compiled all the information you need to add your spent […]