Mushroom Grow Kit FAQ's

Answers to Our most common Questions

Take the grow bag out of the cardboard box. If the block inside the grow bag is completely white with mushroom mycelium it is fully consumed and ready to cut. 

Absolutely, the mushroom mycelium begins pinning when it is ready to grow mushrooms. We recommend making your cut or cuts in the bag in the area it is already trying to fruit and begin misting.

Careful not to damage the mycelium growth cut a long slice or X in the bag. Leave the flaps in place as they are meant to protect the mycelium from drying out.

Sure thing! Simply lightly cover the area that is exposed with saran wrap after each daily misting. When baby mushroom pins have formed in the area the saran wrap can be discarded.

Your mushrooms will do best in a warm place with indirect sunlight. We recommend the kitchen counter facing away from the light source.

Your mushrooms will grow in normal room temperatures (18-20 ℃) but do not mind slightly warmer spaces. Alternatively, if your mushrooms will be in an area that is below 15 ℃ for most of the day growth will be much slower.

The first few days in the growing cycle, your mycelium is rehydrating, and is taking up as much water as possible to encourage growth! It is normal to not see mushrooms sprouting within the first few days following your initial soaking of the mushroom bag. Continue to give it water daily and be patient. You will start to see visible caps forming, which are dark in color, and will double in size each day afterwards.

Each Mushroom Kit and species is unique, which means the amount of growth you may see from your kit can vary. Some kits will grow 2-3 large mushroom caps and others will have a dozen smaller caps with each harvest – mushrooms grow in such a way that it is very hard to predict exactly what you’ll harvest! We guarantee you will have 1-2 servings of mushrooms from each of two harvests – if you don’t think you’re seeing this growth reach out to us with a picture and we’ll be happy to help!

Harvesting your mushrooms at the right time is essential for optimal taste and texture. Watch out for these signs to know when it’s time to harvest:

  • They have stopped doubling in size daily
  • They have turned from a dark gray/blue to a light brown color
  • They have a distinct brown ring around the edge of their cap.
  • If you’re unsure whether your mushrooms are ready to harvest, feel free to send us a photo and we’ll advise!

After your harvest, we suggest eating your mushrooms within a week. Store them in a paper bag in the fridge, until ready to cook!

We highly recommend cooking your mushrooms before eating – they taste best sauteed or roasted!

We recommend covering the place where you harvested your first crop, flipping the bag, and repeating the process!

Yes, while the nutrition is likely all used up in the block we recommend removing the grow box and plastic and placing the spent block in your garden. Do not till it into the soil, simply place it under a shade bearing vegetable welled up with straw. Soak with water. The mycelium will rejuvenate. Check back every few days for mushroom growth. Throughout the summer check shady areas around your garden after periods of rain as mycelium will travel!

Garden Tips Coming Soon!